The Outputs

Peace Art Cambodia programme outputs inlcude:

  • Assist the Royal Government of Cambodia in raising awareness of its stated objective of achieving a weapon free society
  • Design, produce, exhibit and sell or donate products to promote apprentice artisans of Cambodia and a weapon-free society

Phase One culminated in the exhibition ‘To Be Deter-mined / At Arms Length’

In addition, thirteen exhibitions, diverse in their location, scale and tenure, were mounted during PAC Phase One (October 2003-April 2005). Two embassies, a cultural centre and NGO offices, galleries, bars, restaurants and hotels all displayed PAC artworks in Cambodia. Royal University of Phnom Penh undergraduate media studies students also made a film documentary on PAC as part of their final coursework.

In September 2004, Griffith University (Australia) included PAC artworks in the Aftermath exhibition mounted during an exchange visit. PAC also participated in the Cambodian Export Expo 2005 which attracted over 10,000 local and international visitors.

The Public Sculptures:

Dove of Peace: The PAC Dove of Peace built by Sophon Samkhan and Chea Bunna is situated in Sanderson Park, Wat Phnom in the heart of Phnom Penh. Unveiled in July 2004 by the Australian Ambassador and the Governor of Phnom Penh, the Dove symbolises long term peaceful relations between the Kingdom of Cambodia and Australia. The Dove also provides free local access to contemporary sculpture and raises awareness on small arms issues.

Bugs Bunny: (CNVLD National League Court Programme) Sport and art together can play an important role in personal and national development. To raise awareness of the importance sport and art play in society and the devastating effects small arms and landmines create, PAC donated a Bugs Bunny sculpture to the CNVLD for placement at its Volleyball Court at the Kien Khleang Mine Victim Rehabilitation Centre.

The Cambodian Minister for Rehabilitation and Social Affairs H.E Ith Sam Heng and Australian Ambassador H.E Lisa Fillipetto unveiled the Bugs made by Toun Thorneakea in January 2005. PAC plans further such sculptures in support of the CNVLD’s efforts to promote Cambodia as the regional centre for disabled sports.

The Trophies:

PAC produced a range of trophies in support of the ongoing CNVLD national league and the 2005 WOVD Asia Oceania Standing Volleyball Championships. The Cambodia First Team stood up to claim victory and the winning trophy in the June tournament which included the Australian and Canadian national teams.

Recycling weapons into unique symbols of peace and sporting accomplishment assists in Cambodia’s efforts to become recognised as the regional centre for disability sports. Unique products including sports trophies will be a focus of PAC Phase Two.

The Media:

PAC has become globally recognised through widespread media exposure for its positive innovation and unique products. A positive high local profile combined with internationally recognised media including the BBC, CNN, ABC and Fuji serves to promote a peaceful and secure Cambodia nationally and internationally.

PAC is currently registering as a local Cambodian organisation to provide sustainable opportunities to participants and continue to raise local and international awareness on the issue of small arms.

Weapons once used as instruments of war are now being remade into sculptures that inspire peace. See more photos in the photo gallery